Addiction and Recovery Support in Salem, NH

Advanced Psych Care provides support for addiction and recovery in Salem NH. Addiction is a treatable disorder and can be managed. Norrine McNelley is a psychiatric nurse practitioner who is board-certified and runs her private practice conveniently located at 202 Main Street Suite 102, Salem, NH, 03079. Call us for more information or request an appointment online.

Addiction and Recovery Support Near Me in Salem, NH
Addiction and Recovery Support Near Me in Salem, NH

Do you suspect you or a loved one may have an addiction? Or have you already been diagnosed with one? We can help here at Advanced Psych Care. It might not feel like it, but recovery from an addiction is very possible, especially with the right kind of support. At our clinic, we can provide medication management services, introduce you to a counsellor, or help in other ways. You don’t have to deal with your addition alone. Connect with us today.

What is an addiction?

When someone has an addiction, they have a chronic disorder in which they’re blinded by a substance or engaged in an activity that gives them a great deal of pleasure at the cost of their overall health and their everyday life. A compulsive behavior or an addiction may give a person a temporary sense of confidence, control, or validation, or another feeling they’re lacking in life, but this feeling is only temporary, the compulsive/addictive behavior is detrimental, and the behavior is difficult to stop unless the underlying problem a person has is addressed. Often, an underlying problem is a mental health problem like depression or possibly an environmental problem like poverty.

Some of the more common addictions people have include:

  • Substance abuse (excessive drug or alcohol use)
  • Internet or gaming addiction
  • Gambling addiction
  • Addiction to food

How are addictions treated?

A major part of the problem with addiction is how it changes the brain. Specifically, it changes the part of the brain that’s responsible for feelings of pleasure. Because the brain is changed slowly and without the person becoming completely aware, the person may be unaware that their problem has gotten out of control, and this is why the support of a loved one or a trusted professional can be so helpful. A professional counsellor will very likely be able to help an addict understand their problem, manage it, and recover from it, so this kind of support is often necessary. Often, medication-assisted treatment will help a patient most effectively.

Here at Advanced Psych Care, we provide the kind of support you or your loved one should have throughout the recovery process. We’re able to provide medication-assisted treatment, telepsychiatry (mental health care via phone or videoconference), medication management, prescription medication, and/or a referral to see a mental health professional like a counsellor.

How do you find local support groups? What kinds of support groups are there?

Your city or state may have information online about addiction and recovery support and support groups in your area (like peer support groups, facilitated support groups, Alcoholics Anonymous, drug addiction support groups, and others), so you could use a search engine to find this information, or you could connect with us here at Advanced Psych Care. As a private clinic, we may be more accessible to you or your loved one than a public clinic. You may experience less wait time with us too. This means we may be able to help you quickly, like by providing immediate medication management or by referring you to a counsellor quickly.

Do you offer addiction and recovery support in Salem NH?

Yes, we do. Advanced Psych Care offers this support near you at 202 Main Street Suite 102, Salem, NH, 03079, US. If you believe you or a loved one needs our services, even if you’re not sure where to begin, connect with us today. Our professional, board-certified psychiatric nurse practitioner, Norrine McNelley PMHNP-BC, would be more than happy to speak with you about your medication, your mental health, and anything else on your mind. She can talk with you over the phone, over the internet, or in-person. Call us today.