Medication Assisted Treatment Questions and Answers

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Medication Assisted Treatment Near Me in Salem, NH
Medication Assisted Treatment Near Me in Salem, NH

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT), is an approach used for the treatment of addiction and substance use disorders (SUD). It involves the use of medications in tandem with counseling and behavioral therapies to provide what is known as a ‘whole-patient’ approach. While MAT is primarily used in the treatment of opioid use disorders, it is also effective when treating alcohol use disorders. Medication-assisted treatments are not only effective at treating addiction, they can also help sustain long-term recovery as well. MAT is also effective at reducing the rate of overdoses, which significantly lowers the mortality rate for recovering addicts.

What is medication-assisted treatment used for?

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) refers to a number of different treatments that include pharmacological intervention as part of a larger, more comprehensive addiction treatment plan and is most commonly used to treat substance use disorder (SUD). MAT involves the use of medications approved by the FDA in combination with education, behavioral therapies, psychological counseling, and peer support to provide a comprehensive, evidence-based approach to care.

What are the major components of medication-assisted treatment?

Although there is no standardized guideline for medication-assisted treatment, there are four consistent components of MAT models of care:

  • Pharmacological therapy
  • Provider and community educational interventions
  • Coordination/integration of substance use disorder treatment as well as other medical/psychological needs
  • Psychosocial services/interventions

However, there may be marked variability in the degree to which each of these components is addressed. There are two primary approaches: practice-based and systems-based. Practice-based models can be done in a standalone clinic; whereas systems-based models involve components that affect care throughout a network across multiple levels of the healthcare system.

How does MAT treatment work?

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is defined as the use of medications with counseling and behavioral therapies. It is effective in the treatment of substance use disorders (SUD) and can help some people to sustain recovery by curbing cravings and minimizing withdrawal effects.

There is promising evidence to show its effectiveness, despite the fact that MAT has relatively low research. Studies have shown that outcomes of addiction treatment are much better when the patient is involved in medication-assisted therapy. For one, it significantly decreases the risk of relapse. Second, MAT is also proven to be effective in preventing infectious diseases like HIV and hepatitis B. Third, medication-assisted therapy has been shown to be effective in preventing overdoses due to the way that the medications interact with the brain.

How effective is medication-assisted treatment for addiction?

Medication-Assisted Therapy is considered an evidence-based therapy, whether used for alcohol addiction or opioid addiction. This means that, unlike other conventional treatment methods, evidence-based therapies have been researched and backed by science to be clinically effective, as well as safe for the general public. In other words, when MAT is used correctly, it gives people a better chance for long-term success and sustainability in substance abuse treatment.

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