Medication Management Clinic Questions and Answers

If you are looking for a clinic for medication management, come to Advanced Psych Care. Our physicians will not only guide you but provide proper reconciliation regarding your issues. Call us for more information or request an appointment online today.

Medication Management Clinic Near Me in Salem, NH
Medication Management Clinic Near Me in Salem, NH

There are many paths on the road to good health, some of which include the use of medications. Prescription and over-the-counter medicines can help patients ameliorate symptoms and manage their conditions by regulating certain internal systems. For example, acetaminophen blocks cyclooxygenase (COX) enzymes, which form into pain- and inflammation-mediating signaling molecules. Diabetes medications help patients regulate their blood sugar levels and help the body to produce more insulin or to better metabolize it. There are medications for nearly every symptom and condition, and each one undergoes extensive testing for safety and efficacy.

What is the medication management strategy?

Medication management is a strategy for engaging with patients and caregivers to create a complete and accurate medication list using the brown bag method (bringing all current medications in for review). The foundation for addressing medication reconciliation and medication management issues is a complete and accurate medication list. These tools will also help to identify patient behaviors that may be putting patients at risk for an adverse drug event, such as missing medications, overdosing, under-dosing, or other important contextual factors that limit adherence.

Why is medication management important?

Because medications can have either positive or negative effects on the patient depending on a number of factors that may be too complicated for the patient to understand or manage by themselves, medication management is an essential part of the ongoing care strategy provided to individuals who take multiple medications. Through medication management, a specialist will take the necessary time to evaluate the condition of the patient and symptoms that have been ameliorated or new symptoms that have manifested since the prescription of a new medication. Medication management also prevents the development and persistence of serious side effects like dementia that can develop as a result of negative side effects or drug interactions.

Although doctors may prescribe the correct medications to achieve a particular health outcome, some patients may experience side effects and other health complications from the medication. Even if a doctor prescribes medications that would normally help patients recover from a particular health issue, the patient may not take the medication in accordance with its prescribed schedule.‍ Some patients may hold onto medications and take doses that are too low to be of any benefit for them. Other patients take dosages that are too high, above and beyond their prescribed amount. Another vital aspect of medication management is when patients have seen several doctors who work in different specialties and do not communicate with one another. In this situation, they may prescribe medications for the patient that have contraindications, which means they interact negatively to produce undesirable results. The only way to prevent these things from occurring is through medication management.

Who needs medication management?

Those who need medication management may include:

  • People who take multiple medications
  • Seniors
  • Those with memory problems
  • Those with cognitive decline
  • Patients living with one or more chronic conditions

In general, medication management is beneficial for those who take multiple medications, especially if they have potential contraindications. If you believe you or someone you love would benefit from medication management, call Advanced Psych Care today for more information.

How do you manage medication?

The management of medication is unique for each individual and depends on the number and type of medications that they are taking. Medication management typically involves the coordination of medicines and an in-depth look at which medications are necessary and which ones may not be. By using this approach, it can help avoid:

  • Dosing “mistakes” that can result in either under treatment or preventable adverse events or both of these situations combined
  • Inappropriate, ineffective, or unnecessarily costly medication
  • Duplicate or interacting medications
  • Avoidable side effects
  • Inconsistent adherence or other patient challenges that have a direct effect on the success of treatment

If you take multiple medications, come to Advanced Psych Care for your medication management. We can help you understand how your medications are affecting your health and optimize them where needed. Call us today at (978) 396-9330 or book an appointment, or visit our clinic conveniently located at 202 Main Street, Suite 102, Salem, NH 03079. We serve patients from Salem NH, Windham NH, Atkinson NH, Plaistow NH, Pelham NH, Hampstead NH, Danville NH, and Derry NH.